Transforms 2.0 (coming soon)

We are about to release a big update to improve both the functionality and usability of transforms. In the meantime you can browse this documentation to learn about upcoming changes.
A transform node in a Redivis project provides a powerful querying tool to reshape one or more tables into a new output table.
Transforms are made of steps that you will build one at a time based on the actions you want to take on your data. At any point you can run the transform to execute each step sequentially and view the resulting table.
The most commonly used transforms steps can:
  • Aggregate a table
  • Create new variables based on existing data
  • Filter out rows you no longer need
  • Join in additional tables
The transform interface allows you to build complex queries without directly writing any code. Behind the scenes it is generating SQL code and you can download or edit this code at any point for reproducibility.