Partitioned variables

To create a new partitioned variable, click + Create partitioned variable. New partitioned variables can be persisted in the output table, and also used in additional queries in the partition section.
Within the method definition, you'll choose one or more variables to Partition on, which defines a set of partitions, each of which contains the rows containing a unique combination of values across those variables.
For example, we can partition on the provider_city and provider_state variables to create a set of partitions, each containing the rows with a given unique combination of provider_city and provider_state. Our partitioned variable average_reimbursement_per_city computes a mean of average_remibursement across all rows in the partition and assigns that value to every row in the partition. So all records fromCHANDLER, AZ are assigned a computed average_reimbursement_per_city value, all records from MESA, AZ are assigned a different computed average_reminbursement_per_city value, and so on.
You can read more about partitioned variable methods here.