Selecting variables

Choose the variables that will be persisted in the output table by moving them to the Keep section. Once you've selected a variable (or multiple variables, using shift- and command-click), press Enter or click the > icon to move them over.
Any variables that remain in the Discard section will not be in the output table, though they will be available to use in the other transform sections.

Retyping variables

You can retype directly in the selection interface by right-clicking a variable and choosing Edit variable.
You can also rename a variable using the Edit variable modal
Depending on the initial variable type, conversion may be limited to a certain subset of Redivis variable types according to these rules. In addition, selecting Set incompatible values to null attempts a "safe" conversion, where any values unable to be retyped will be converted to null (empty cell).
Note that if you retype a variable, downstream operations are limited to the new type of variable; the original variable can't be used in the transform or propagated to the output table. If you'd like to make a new variable of a different type, use the Cast new variable method.
Last modified 1yr ago