Our product development is defined by our users' needs, and as such our roadmap is always evolving. However, we believe in being transparent with our current work and priorities, and provide this roadmap as a rough guideline of where the Redivis team is devoting its efforts.

Want to play a role in our product development? File a feature request or contact us directly; we highly value your input.

In progress

  • Ability to archive tables within a project (or archive entire project)

  • Improvements to study management and workflow

  • Improved system(s) to allow admin approval of larger table exports

  • Machine learning analytical interfaces

On the horizon

  • New datatypes (geospatial, imaging, multi-dimensional vector)

  • Extended analysis within Redivis (Python, R, geospatial tools)

  • Data visualization interfaces

  • Notification system for users to track approvals, etc.

  • Public facing user profiles

  • Global search & discovery

  • Improved mechanisms for collaboration between organizations