Our product development is defined by our users' needs, and as such our roadmap is always evolving. However, we believe in being transparent with our current work and priorities, and provide this roadmap as a rough guideline of where the Redivis team is devoting its efforts.

Want to play a role in our product development? File a feature request or contact us directly; we highly value your input.

Coming soon

  • Major improvements to transforms, allowing the construction of complex data manipulation queries

  • Support for geospatial data types

  • Complete version history for all projects. Ability to query any table as it was at any point in time.

  • Integrated, high performance multi-variate statistics

  • Integrated Python / R batch data processing

And beyond (>6mo)

  • DOIs for all dataset, project versions

  • Integrated notebooks

  • Inter-organizational data sharing

  • Global search & discovery

  • Dataset archival

  • Machine learning interfaces