Requirements are created and managed by the organization, and can be assigned to different access levels on a permission group. In order for a user to access data at a particular level, they must have been approved for all requirements up to that level.

All requirements can include instructions as well as a customizable form for collecting relevant information from users.

Types of requirements

There are four general types of requirements.

User requirement

A user requirement is fulfilled by a user once for the entire organization. User requirements can be set to either auto-approve or require administrator approval, and can be set to expire at a certain date.

Study requirement

A study requirement is the same as a user requirement, with the exception that it is fulfilled on behalf of a study, not a user.

Per-dataset user requirement

A per-dataset user requirement is similar to a user requirement, except it must be approved for each dataset within a particular permission group. This allows administrators to restrict access to specific datasets without having to create additional permission groups and user requirements for those datasets.

Per-dataset study requirement

A per-dataset study requirement is the same as a per-dataset user requirement, with the exception that it is fulfilled on behalf of a study, not a user.

Authentication requirement

A user requirement in which you can set up an automatic check for information on users profiles. Currently this can be used to verify a user's institution affiliation.

Creating and editing

Requirements are created and managed within the "Requirements" tab of the administrator panel. All requirements must have a name that is unique within the organization.

Requirements can also have optional instructions and / or a form associated with them. The form provides an interface to collect both structured and unstructured user input, as well as signatures and uploaded files.

Approving requirements

When a requirement is submitted, it will trigger an alert on the corresponding member or study. You can resolve this alert by either approving or rejecting the requirement.