In order for a user to apply to your restricted data they will have to join your organization. By default they will provide their name and email address, and you can customize the membership form to collect any additional information you'd like from them.


You can configure the membership form on the Members tab of your administrator panel by clicking the Edit membership form button.

You only need to have an introduction and do not need to have any form items for it to be a valid, but creating a form is the only way to gather information from users on Redivis.

To view how your membership form will look to users, Save it if you have any pending changes and then click the View modal button in the top right corner.

If you need to make changes to the membership form after it's been in use, you will prompted if you'd like to revoke all existing approvals or keep all existing approvals when you save it.


This membership form is automatically in use.

Approve and manage

As soon as someone applies to become a member they will appear in your members list. You can approve and manage their membership and any additional access approvals here.

As users apply for data you can manage all of their different membership and access requirements from their member profile page. Click on the Members tab of the administrator panel, and click on a user's name.

Users who have a pending submission will be marked with an exclamation point and be sorted at the top of the list.


On the membership tab you can view and manage users' membership forms. You will need to approve a users' membership if you have configured this setting on your membership form.

You can also see an overview of members' usage with your data, and label them for further tracking.

If you revoke a user's membership from your organization they will still appear on the members list so you can keep a copy of their records.


When users complete and submit requirements, their submissions will appear on the Requirements tab of their member profile. You will see an alert symbol next to the tab and on any submissions needing approval.

These submissions will initially be pending and you can either mark them as approved or rejected. After approving a requirement you can revoke it at any time. You might also notice that a user's requirement has expired.

You can create and fill out a requirement for a user, or you can edit a user's submission if you notice a mistake. After editing it you'll need to save your changes and then you can change the status if you'd like.

You can leave a comment for users on any form, and will be notified if they leave a comment for you. You'll either need to reply to the comment or mark it as read to clear it.


When users complete and submit studies, their submissions will appear on the Studies tab of their member profile. You will see an alert symbol next to the tab and on any submissions needing approval.

These will also appear on the Studies tab of the administrator panel. They have all the same approval features as requirements.

Direct access

When users submit a request for direct access to a dataset you will see an alert symbol next to the Direct access tab. Any of the datasets they've requested will be at the top of the list with an alert symbol.

You can either approve or reject any of these submissions. If you have configured a permission group to require direct access approval on multiple levels of the same dataset you might see two separate options to approve for one row.

Access overview

This tab shows an overview of a users access right now to any of your restricted datasets.

Saved tables

If a user saves a a table that has any of your organization's data in it, it will appear on this tab. You can look at any table's overview information by clicking on it.

If you have set a usage restriction around exporting data, users might need to submit these tables for administrator approval to download. If there are any pending submissions there will be an alert icon on this tab. You can click on any table to approve or reject the user's request to download it.