Before you can apply for access to an organization's datasets, you will need to become a member of the organization first.

Becoming a member will grant the organization access to information from your Redivis account and an authenticated login. Some organizations may require additional information to become a member and you'll need to fill out a membership form.

This is an example of StanfordPHS's membership form you would have to complete to be a member of their organization.

You'll need to select an authenticated login on your account to verify your identity. Some organizations will want you to use an institutional login linked to their organization (such as a Stanford login).

Once all required fields of the form are complete you can submit it. Some organizations approve your membership right away while others require an administrator to approve it. Either way you will be able to start applying for data as soon as this form is submitted.

If you need to view or edit this membership form in the future you can do so from the Organization homepage Edit membership button, or on the Organizations tab in your workspace. You might also be prompted to reauthenticate to access an organization's data if the email you are using to sign into Redivis is different from the one that the organization has approved you with.

Once you are a member of an organization your workspace Organizations tab and Dashboard tab will become populated with a link to this organization's home page and copies of all your access applications.